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Integrity of online casinos
Integrity of online casinos is one of the most problematic issues in the world of e-gambling. Many of you are probably asking themselves the question whether online casinos are in relation to its customers 100% honest? Good question. Although such a matter of fact, we can not clearly answer them there is some evidence that lead us to ask the thesis that this is the reality. As a speaker? The operation of casinos ...

Control of Internet casinos
Online Casinos are usually assumed in tax havens of well-known reasons (no tax).This is not the norm, but the vast majority of cases it is. This does not mean that the tax havens, there are no rules just wrestling. Quite the contrary. These countries are typically dependent territories, or components of larger countries, which means that it is often subject to their laws. Of course, have their own governments, but the law must be consistent with the interests of the general public. What are we going?
In the EU, and therefore also dependent territories must apply Community law, and they clearly define the activities of companies with e-gambling industry. The rules state that each company / online casino / bookmaker must obtain a license for their activities. This activity is constantly monitored by a special body - the Commission for the control of gambling.

Dishonest Casino
Its main and primary task is to control gambling service providers in the network. This is a body fully independent of the results which, in principle, there is no appeal, and more importantly its penalties are usually predicated devastatingly high: the completion of the company or the many millions of dollars in fines. Additionally, the unfair practice, goes to the media and publicity, which is connected properly to its bankruptcy. Commission for the control of gambling and betting carries out selective, periodic inspections. It also has the right to punish third-party companies that control online casinos, when they approve, they function fine, but in reality it is different.

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